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Our Unique Home-Buying Process

We know home buying the way we know South Austin:

like the back of our hand.

We want to help you find the home that’s most right for your needs. Along the way, as your partner, we’ll bring fresh ideas to the table, even challenge your assumptions at times, and help you consider opportunities you hadn’t previously.

Let the Search Begin
Kicking Things Off

We’ll start with a phone call to get a better idea of your situation and how we can help you find what you’re looking for. From there, we’ll set up a time to meet in person at a restaurant or coffee shop near you to get a more in-depth understanding of exactly what you’re looking for and determine if we’re the right partner to help you find it.

We’ll Talk About

In our first in-person meeting, we’ll start to uncover what you’re really seeking from your new home. We won’t just talk about quantity — number of bedrooms, likelihood of home value appreciation, etc. — we’ll also talk about quality. What kind of experiences do you want to have in your home and what memories are you looking for the space to help you make? It’s important to us to ask the questions that help you consider what’s really important to you. We’ve had past clients tell us our process leads to an understanding of their values and priorities that transformed their home search.

A Match Made in Home Heaven

At the end of this meeting, you’ll decide if South Austin Homes is right for you. If we decide to work together we’ll quickly knock out the necessary paperwork to get things started, and you’ll officially have a seasoned pro in your corner guiding you through your home-buying process.

The Journey Begins

It’s time to start looking at properties. Since we’ve taken the time to get clear on both your financial priorities, and what you really need and want from your new home, the search will be smooth, focused and efficient.

Making An Offer

We want you to get the best deal possible but we also won’t let your dream home slip away. With years of experience in real estate — and in hot markets like South Austin — we’ll guide you through making a smart and strategic offer that gets you the best chance of your dream home at a dreamy price.

The House Is Yours

Your offer has been accepted! This is another stage of the process where it is invaluable to have an experienced, committed agent by your side. There will be lots of calls and emails flying around, and we’ll make sure nothing falls through the cracks, costing you time, pain and money. When it comes time to close, you’ll be thoroughly versed on what to expect and prepare for so you’ll feel secure in the final stages of buying your home.

The Careful Option

Some homes call for more than merely a general inspection. For others, we may need to bring in an engineer to assess a questionable foundation or have a special test done to detect plumbing leaks. We’ll help you find the right person for each problem we encounter during this important period of discovery and be by your side the entire way helping you make informed, smart decisions.

Time to Celebrate

We did it. You have the keys to your new home! It’s time for a toast. What we want you to know is that we won’t forget about you before the champagne’s gone. We’ll be in constant contact until the papers are signed and the deal is done.

The process will feel so easy and positive that you probably won’t forget about us either. In fact, our main source of business is referrals from our amazing clients.

The Results You Can Expect

You’ll reap a lot of benefits from our unique approach to home buying.

  • Throughout the process you’ll feel less stressed and fully trusting because we’ve taken the time to build a relationship.
  • You’ll feel calm and ready because our process is thorough. We took the time to get clear on your values and priorities from the beginning.
  • You’ll rest assured someone responsible has your back. We’re on top of the details big and small so you’ll have avoided unnecessary costly oversights and mistakes along the way.
  • You’ll be the proud owner of a home that reflects who you truly are and the life you want to live.
South Austin Homes

Every home is unique and so is our process

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