South Austin Homes

Traditional Agents

  • Will only work with you if we both agree that it's a fit. Keeps client list small to maintain quality.

    Are eager to sign on any client - even if their service quality suffers.

  • Advises you based on a 'big picture' view of your life. If we don't think the time is right for you to buy or sell, or if your approach is flawed, we'll tell you – even if it means we lose business.

    See you as a deal, not a person.

  • Invests time on the front end to understand you and your needs. This thoughtful prep work saves you time and stress. Learn more about our process.

    Rush into action before really getting to know you.

  • Understands that we're an advocate for you during an intense and important time in your life.

    Overlook the importance of emotional support.

  • Keeps your best interest front and center – we'll tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

    Are 'yes men' or 'yes women.'

  • Prepares you to craft competitive offers even before we start looking at homes.

    Aren't very proactive.

  • Speeds your path to your goals by getting clear on what you want and removing any obstacles.

    Lets things drag on... and on...

  • Uses technologies (like online signing) that make things easier and more convenient for you.

    Aren't always the most tech-savvy.

  • Personally makes sure no detail falls through the cracks or costs you money.

    Delegate critical tasks to underqualified staff members.

  • Impresses you with our knowledge and experience, not the car we drive. South Austin isn't flashy. Neither are we.

    Might come off as flashy.

Like the sound of all this?

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Michael Jurkash


South Austin Homes is built on the unique expertise and experience of Michael Jurkash.

Michael got his real estate license in 2003, and since then he’s been involved in all phases of the business and weathered the market’s ups and downs.

That means he has know-how that will come in handy no matter what questions or challenges come up as you buy or sell a home. He can advise you on getting out of your lease, estimate how much a potential renovation might cost or help you negotiate with builders. No detail goes overlooked on his watch.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in business marketing. And he’s continued his education with hundreds of hours of real estate training and coaching. Michael’s training is invaluable when it comes to pricing your home to sell – or making sure you don’t overpay for a home you’re buying.

Michael, his wife and their young son make their home in South Austin. Through South Austin Homes, he serves a community he knows and loves.

How We Give Back

We’re proud to donate to Big Medium, a nonprofit arts organization that does so much to make Austin unique. Big Medium presents the East Austin Studio Tour and the West Austin Studio Tour (which actually features a lot of stops in our neck of the woods, South Austin). For more than a decade, we’ve loved going on these tours, meeting the artists and buying their work. Both events will make you appreciate the tremendous creativity of Austin, and we recommend that you check them out!

Michael Jurkash Giving