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  • We’ll only work with you if we both agree it’s a fit. We keep our client list small and specific to maintain quality and integrity of our work.

    They’re always eager to sign with any client even if the quality of their service suffers.

  • We look at the whole picture of your life and advise you accordingly. If we don’t think the time is right for you to sell your home, or your approach is missing the mark, we’ll always be honest with you.

    They see you as a deal, not as a person.

  • We invest time on the front-end to understand you and your needs. This thoughtful approach saves you time and stress. Learn more about Our Process.

    They rush into action before really getting to know you.

  • We understand that we’re an advocate for you during an intense and extremely important time in your life.

    They’ll overlook the importance of emotional support and true guidance.

  • We keep your best interests front and center. We’ll tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

    They’d rather get the listing than tell you what you need to hear, causing you pain and suffering down the road.

  • We’ll speed up your path to your goals by getting clear on what you want and removing any potential obstacles.

    They’ll let problems drag on instead of moving you towards your goals.

  • We’re a big fan of saving you time. We use innovative, digital systems that make the process easy and convenient for you.

    They use old, slow processes that aren’t digitized or modern. This complicates what should be easy, and causes you time and frustration.

  • We manage every detail to ensure nothing falls through the cracks or costs you money.

    They delegate important steps to underqualified team members, putting you at risk.

  • We’ll impress you with our knowledge and expertise, not with the car we drive. South Austin isn’t flashy and neither are we.

    Their cars are more impressive than their experience or abilities.

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Michael Jurkash

Our Expertise

South Austin Homes is built from the unique expertise, experience and passion of Michael Jurkash.

Founder and owner, he got his real estate license in 2003, and has been involved in every phase of the business, and weathered the market’s ups and downs seamlessly, ever since.

That means he has know-how that will come in handy no matter what questions or challenges come up as you buy or sell your home. From estimating how much a potential renovation could cost to helping you negotiate with builders, or even providing you with an in-depth price analysis of your market, no detail is overlooked.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in business marketing. Not only is he in the field daily gaining experience and real estate savvy, Michael’s continued his education with hundreds of hours of real estate training and coaching. His desire to be on top of the industry’s latest is invaluable when it comes to pricing your home to sell, or purchasing a home.

Michael, his wife and partner Laura, and their two sons call South Austin home. Through South Austin Homes, they serve a community they know and love.

How We Give Back

We don’t just love our Austin community, we work in it and support it too. Each year we sponsor Due West, an event presented by Big Medium, a nonprofit arts organization that works hard to keep Austin unique. Specifically, the organization presents the East and West Austin Studio Tours every year, which also happens to feature a lot of stops in our South Austin neck of the woods. For more than a decade we’ve loved going on these tours, meeting the artists and supporting their work. Art to Austin is part of our DNA and its efforts like Big Medium that help it thrive.

Michael Jurkash Giving