South Austin isn’t your average place to live and we aren’t your average real estate brokerage. To sell your South Austin home to the right buyer, you need somebody who gets your house, your neighborhood and you. You need someone more experienced, real, supportive and focused on getting the best price for your home.

You need someone like us.

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Our Process

Our clients call us consultants. That’s because we’re not interested in a quick flip that skips important steps and leaves potential equity on the table. We want to sell your house the right way to get you the best price possible, and turn you into a lifelong raving fan!

We’ll spend time getting to know you and understanding your goals. We’ll look at your home thoroughly, through the eyes of a buyer. From curb appeal to your home’s hidden features, we’ll consider everything and consult you on the necessary cosmetic changes. As an additional offering, we can even handle the entire transformation on your behalf.

When South Austin Homes lists your house, we’ll put as much work into selling your home as we would our own.

The result? A satisfied seller who got the price their home really deserved.

The Value We Provide

We're Home Branders
We'll shape the story of your home.

Our clients work with us because we’re not just home sellers, we’re home branders. From your school district to the type of building materials used in the construction of your home, we take the time to understand everything about your house and what makes it desirable, and then we shape the story around those special details. It is always our guarantee to be the most knowledgeable person in the process of selling your home and understanding exactly what potential buyers are looking for, and that’s what makes us so effective.

We're Home Consultants
We’ll make the right cosmetic changes to get the best price for your home.

We don’t just put up a For Sale sign in your front lawn. From your foundation, paint colors, and even simple decor considerations that put your home in the best light possible, we consider every aspect of your house. We identify the changes that need to be made to produce a higher return for you. Because we don’t skip over these small details, we ensure potential money isn’t left on the table when we sell your home.

We’re Home Sellers & Buyers
We can help you sell your current home and find your new home in one fell swoop.

Outgrowing your existing home or ready to downsize? You need someone who has the right strategy. Someone who brings experience and creativity to this delicate situation. We’ll help you identify your needs for your new home based upon why you’re ready to sell your current home and what the market looks like. Our approach makes the entire process seamless and prevents you from having to move twice.

Looking to buy?
We can help with that, too!

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