Our Process

For Everyone: The Match-Up

Whether a past client put you in touch with us or you filled out the contact form on our website, we're happy to meet you! First, we'll give you a quick phone call to get an overview of your situation and decide if we want to meet in person.  Then we get to the cool part, where we'll get together at a restaurant or coffee house to talk about things like:

What does
"5-star service"
mean to you?
What's your
big "why"?
What have your
past real estate
been like?
For Buyers:

What are you really seeking from your new home? This isn't just about numbers, like how many bedrooms a house has or how much it's likely to appreciate. It's also about emotions. Maybe, for example, your happiest memory is Sunday dinners at Grandma's, so you want a house where you, too, can host family and friends. Get ready to explore your values. Past clients tell us our process leads them to some profound insights.

For Sellers:

What circumstances have changed in your life that are causing you to sell? This is your opportunity to share your specific needs and help us brainstorm on how we can make the whole process easier for you. We WON’T suggest a sale price at this meeting (and we’d urge you to be wary of any agent who does this early). Clarity is a powerful thing and we want our sellers to feel confident before making the leap.

At the end of this session, you'll decide if South Austin Homes is the right fit for you.

If we do decide to work together, we’ll knock out the paperwork (boo!) and you'll have a seasoned pro in your corner guiding you from here on out (yay!). Life just got a whole lot easier.

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Buyer's Process


Now it's time to look at properties. Since we've taken the time to get clear on both your financial realities and what you really need from your new home, the search is smooth and efficient.


You want the best deal possible – but you also don't want your dream home to slip away. With years of experience in real estate, we guide you through making a smart, strategic offer.


We’ll explain the inspection report, sort out what’s important vs. what’s not and help you make smart, level-headed decisions.

Home Stretch

Your offer is accepted! This is another stage where our experience is invaluable. Amid all the calls and emails flying around, we'll make sure nothing falls through the cracks (and costs you money). And we'll prep you thoroughly on what to expect and what to take with you when you close.

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Seller's Process


Get ready to see a lot of us at your place. Over several visits, we’ll give you a needs assessment, review your progress on repairs and decluttering, offer staging advice and take some beautiful professional photos. We also walk competing homes on the market.

Price Analysis

We scour sales data to come up with a pinpoint price analysis. Very few agents delve this deep, but what can we say? We love spreadsheets.


We've mastered online marketing and will advertise your home on dozens of third-party websites.

Open Houses

Because of our open houses, we sell most of our homes on their opening weekend. What makes them different? We know how to talk to prospects about their home-buying needs, and we customize our sales presentation for each prospect. Many times we have a contract drawn up on the spot, or we have several commit to make an offer that evening.


You’ll be glad our negotiating skills are on your side. We get great terms for you while helping the buyer achieve their goals. Win-win!

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For Everyone:
Celebration & Follow-Up

We did it! It's time for a toast. But we won’t forget about you now that your deal is done. We'll stay in touch once all the papers are signed! Our past clients remember us, too, and send us lots of awesome referrals. In fact, that's our main source of business.

The Results

You reap lots of benefits from this well-honed process. For example...

  • You're less stressed because we've taken the time to build trust.
  • You avoid costly oversights and mistakes because we're on top of every detail.
  • You enjoy a faster process because we get clear on your values and remove any potential obstacles right from the outset.
  • If you’re a buyer, your new home reflects who you truly are and the life you really want to live.
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Let's Get Things Rolling

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