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Our Personalized Home-Selling Process

When you work with South Austin Homes, you’ll notice right away we don’t do business the same as other real estate agents,

and there’s good reason for that.

Our process is more personal, more authentic and way more Austin. We know the neighborhoods we sell in and we take the time to get to know you. It’s that genuine care and personalization that gets clients like you the best price possible when you sell your home.

Let's Talk
First Meeting

We love a good first date and we can’t wait to meet you. First, we’ll give you a quick call to get an idea of your situation, how we can help you, and if we’re ready to take it to the next step and meet in person.

We’ll meet at a restaurant or coffee shop (typical first date stuff) to get into the details:

Selling Your Home

What circumstances have changed in your life that have you ready to sell? The more specific, the better. While you share, we’ll be thinking about how we can solve for your personal needs and make the entire process of selling your home easier for you. The first time we meet our clients, we never suggest a sale price (and honestly, we urge you to be wary of any agent who would this early on) and instead we’ll use this time to get a really good understanding of what you need and how we can help. We believe clarity is powerful and our hope is that when you leave our first meeting, you’ll feel confident and assured in taking the leap.

Working Together

At the end of our meeting, you’ll decide if South Austin Homes is the right fit for you. If we decide to work together, we’ll knock out the paperwork and you’ll have a seasoned pro in your corner guiding you through every step of the process. At that point, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that life just got a whole lot easier.

Home Visits

Get ready to see a lot of us at your place. Over several visits we’ll start to figure out what repairs and decluttering need to happen in your home, and how we can stage it to get it ready to sell. This is where our Home Branding comes in. We’ll lead the process of capturing beautiful, professional photos that show off your home and capture its most enticing features. We’ll also check out competing homes on the market to give you an idea of what’s out there that’s similar to yours and what makes you stand out.

Setting Your Price

We spend our days scouring sales data so you don’t have to. This ensures when we set a price for your home, it’s based on facts, results and opportunities. Very few agents will dive this deep into a pricing analysis, but what can we say? We love spreadsheets. We’ll also let you in on some of our secret pricing strategies that leave other agents scratching their heads wondering how we did it. We think it’s important for you to understand the process and leave with a few tricks up your sleeve.

Being Seen

There is power in advertising and we take pride in the truth that we’ve mastered online marketing. We will advertise your listing across dozens of third-party websites to drive awareness and interest in your home over the competition. By the time the ads are up, we’ve done all the work to set us up for success. Your home is in the right condition to be seen and we’re telling the right story. From the photographs to the thoughtful description, we’ve created an online invitation for opening weekend that’s impossible for serious buyers to pass up.

Nailing the Open House

Because of the way we do Open Houses, we sell the majority of our homes on opening weekend. It’s not uncommon that we have a contract drawn up on the spot or that we have several commitments to make an offer that evening. This is because of three key reasons that are unique to our process:

  1. We’ve done all the work leading up to this point to ensure your home is desirable and ready to be sold.
  2. We know how to talk to prospects about their home-buying needs, and we customize every sales presentation to be effective and really resonate.
  3. On a busy opening weekend when potential buyers see other buyers seriously looking at your home, it creates real competition that ensures top-dollar offers.
The Offer

You’ll be glad our negotiating skills are on your side. We are tenacious about getting great terms for you while helping the buyer achieve their goals too. We believe win-wins are not only possible but an important part of getting the best opportunity possible for our seller.

South Austin Homes

Cheers & Celebrate

When we sell your home and get you the price you deserve, it’s time for a toast. But we don’t forget about you as soon as the champagne is gone. We’ll stay in touch until all the papers are signed and the deal is complete.

We don’t just remember you, we hope you’ll remember us too. Our past clients send us referrals that mean a lot to us — in fact that’s our main source of business.

The Results You Deserve

You reap all the benefits from our intentional and well-honed process.

  • You’re less stressed because we’ve taken the time to build trust and connection.
  • You avoid costly oversights and mistakes because we don’t cut corners or miss details.
  • You feel understood because we get clear on your values and priorities.
  • You enjoy a faster process because we remove any potential obstacles from the start.
  • You feel satisfied because you know you got the best price possible for your home.
South Austin Homes

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